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Expertise and specialisation to serve your financial communication

Why Fine Wording ?

In order to optimise your international communication, it is now essential to call on the services of a professional translator who is a specialist in a specific field of activity.

This is why Fine Wording has, since its creation several years ago, acquired the necessary know-how and specialisation to master the terminology of the asset management and macroeconomic sectors.

If you are familiar with these areas, perhaps your translators are not?
After all, translating words is not enough. Optimise Your communication by calling on a specialist. Don't choose your translation company at random!

About us

In-depth knowledge of a sector (its codes, trades, terminology, regulations, etc.) is essential for producing quality documents. This is why we have opted for specialisation. And the challenge has been met, judging by the satisfaction of our clients!

With Fine Wording, you are assured of:


Because it is impossible to be good at everything, Fine Wording is a translation agency that deliberately specialises in financial translation, and more specifically in asset management and macroeconomics. We understand your business and the issues involved. This is our main competitive advantage.


In addition to strong language skills in their mother tongues, our translators all have professional experience in the financial sector. Every day, they contribute to our ambition to be at the top and stay there, by being ever more competent and accurate. Entrust us with your communications, and we will enhance them in the language of your choice.


We leave nothing to chance, both in terms of content and form. Our Quality control team proofreads all work before it is sent out and translators are regularly re-evaluated for their writing skills and technical knowledge.

Customer service

It is inherent to our business andour sector. This implies reactivity (commercial offers sent as soon as possible, rapid constitution of a team for your project), availability (evenings or weekends), adaptability(offers tailored to your needs) and listening (our translators are ready to answer your questions, to question their choices and to develop their knowledge to meet your expectations).


As far as possible, and unlike other translation agencies, we assign one or two translators to each client account for a given language. This allows our translators to adapt to each client's preferences in terms of terminology, style preferences and other feedback received. This privileged relationship allows us to offer a tailor-made service and to save time in the translation and quality assurance process.

Technological Intelligence

All our translators work with advanced tools combining translation software and artificial intelligence in order to build translation memories dedicated to you and to respect your linguistic preferences.

Our services

Helping you to get your message across!
Capturing the essence of your message in another language with the right terminology and style is a real exercise that should be left to the professionals. The Information you communicate can influence your investors' decisions at any time. Fine Wording is distinguished by its hyper-specialisation in asset management and economics and has built a reputation for excellence in service and professionalism around this positioning.

What documents do we translate?

  • Asset management
    - Equity, bond, money market and foreign exchange markets
    - Long-only and alternative management
    Marketing brochures, commercial/product/corporate presentations
    - Fund management commentaries
    - Market analysis
    - Analysts' recommendations
    - Annual reports...
  • Economy
    Economic news flashes
    - Macroeconomic policy documents...
  • Legal / Compliance
    - Codes of ethics
    - Simplified prospectuses
    Investment agreements
    Brand licensing agreements...
  • Editorial
    - Press kits and releases
    - Magazines / commercial brochures
    - Websites...

Helping you to materialize your messages! 

Because your documents often include a graphic phase, Fine Wording can also carry out the layout of your documents using high-performance DTP software (QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.), both on PC and Macintosh. This includes for example:

·       The design of an advertisement
·       The outline of a website
·       The proposal for a marketing brochure
·       The design a company brochure
·       The development of a logo

Helping you to convey your messages!

The proofreading of documents is an essential part of our quality assurance process. To guarantee the quality of our work, all translated documents are proofread.

But we also offer a service to revise already written documents to ensure their relevance.

Are you organising a conference and receiving foreign visitors? Is your next business meeting with your foreign clients taking place in your premises in France? Do you need an English interpreter for your international business negotiations? Fine Wording offers interpreting services in the financial sector for all European language combinations.

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